Black Bear Hunting New-Brunswick, Canada



Quotes It?s a bitter-sweet time. It?s the day after my hunt ended(2nd day). It?s sweet because this is the 3rd year in a row that I have come up here to hunt and it is the 3rd bear that I shot. This year I used the Flintlock Muzzelloader to harvest the bear. A dream come true for me. It?s bitter because I wish I could be back out in the stand to do it all over again. What is also bitter is the fact that I have to wait a whole year to do it again. I??ll be back again next year. As for the Guides, you cannot find a more dedicated group than these guy?s. They strive to please the client. It is the way a Guide Service should be run. I cannot say enough good things about Raymond, Paul, Armand, They are the Best !!! Friends that money can?t buy. See you next year Jeff Heim Pennsylvania USA Quotes
Jeff Heim
Friends that money can?t buy

Quotes This is my first bear hunt. I shot a bear on the first night of the hunt. I finally accomplish something I have always wanted to do. The guide service & hospitality have been excellent. I hope to come back next year, if wife permetting. Maybe some of Raymond?s recipes will help, my wife is really interested in the fruit salad cake and lasagna recipe. Thank you all for a great hunt and an excellent time. Dennis Moyer Pennsylvania Quotes
Dennis Moyer
Thank you all for a great hunt

Quotes Thank you for a great hunt, shot my first bear yesterday. This trip was a christmas present from my wife. I called home and told her I would like the same present this year. I hunted 24yrs in PA for bear and never got a shot, will do my best to come back next year. The guide service is wonderful here, and the cooking and hospitality is great. See you next spring Frank Schaeffer Pine Groove PA Quotes
This trip was a christmas present
Frank Schaeffer

Quotes For the second years in a row, my two sons and I scored with bear, and memories that will last forever. The food and lodge were excellent, and the effort that Ray and his crew put forth is second to none. From my experience, you won't go hungry and if you trust your guide, you will see bear. To be able to shoot a 345 lb. boar and share the experience with my sons, is a great thrill. We will be back !! Sincerely Ed Wentz Pennsylvania Quotes
Ed Wentz
Second year in a row

Quotes Thanks Y&R GUIDES for another great hunt trip-got my 2nd archery bear in 3 years as always great people, good food and excellent hunting. Keep up the good work guy's-see you again soon. Sincerely, Joe Kook Lenox MI,USA Quotes
Joe Kook

Quotes Raymond, This is the best hunt I've been on ! My first Bear with abow. Hope to come back soon. You and your guides do a great job. The food was great. Thanks so much! JW Quotes
Best Hunt

Quotes Raymond, Thank you for the wondeful week !! 3 hunters-3 bears/The food was great - The cabin is great! Keep working with Denny & maybe one day he will be as good guide as you :) If you ever need a reference, tell them to call me. I have been here 2 times and I will be back...Next Year! Your friend: Daniel Michael Virginia Quotes
Daniel Michael
Wondeful Week

Quotes Thanks for a great week of hunting & fun, even without the kills the week was great. This is a TOP NOTCH & first class operation that I will HIGHLY recommend to anyone, this is the best operation that I have hunted with. Thanks for everything !! Randy Snider Hamberg, Pennsylvania Quotes
Randy Snyder
Hunting & Fun

Quotes Thank you for an excellent trip. Besides good hunting it was fun & great food. The guides went out of their way for everyone. Carl Unger Quotes
Carl Unger

Quotes We have had a wonderful time. The three generations of father,son and grandson has been a good experience for us all, the food, the housing, the fine people in your organization is the greatest we have experiment. You have done a fine job of taking care of our people in respect, you have done a fine job of looking after an old 83 1/2 year old men. I appreciate it very much. May GOD bless you all ! Myron M. Crawford Mineral Wells, Texas Quotes
Myron M. Crawford
Wonderful Time
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