Black Bear Hunting New-Brunswick, Canada


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Virginia Huntress


Raymond and Paul Thank you so much for everything you have done for me these past five days.

I killed my first animal which was quite a big one, I got the best room in the cabin, learned the recipe to the best mashed potatoes ever, and gained 10 pounds!

I must say it has been quite a blast. You both made me feel right at home. I can't wait to come back, that is if I am allowed after I made you guy's carry my 308 pound bear...

Thanks again,  Bridge Water Virginia

Brooke Wetherell
308 pound bear 


Shippenville / Pennsylvania

  Ray & Paul Thank You for a Fabulous Hunt , this was my fourth different bear hunt Outfitter, and now my only.

I will return here to hunt bears from now on. The food was wonderful and the knowledge of the guides was impressive.

Remember no matter what, ALWAYS trust your guide! Ray Thanks for my bear, it will always have a special memory for me. Paul Thanks for providing a First Class Operation.

My three favorite things were Ray as chief guide, the great cook, and how he would dry us off after our showers LOL.

I'll be back !! Double Boar Ranch Shippenville, PA 

Andy Krantz
Fabulous Hunt



Ray, I can't remember when I've had a better time, you're cooking has been excellent !!*****(5 stars)

The kindness that you have show me is unmatched this truly will be an unforgettable experience.

My first bear with a bow. I'm counting the days till next year.

I would definitely refer this hunt to anyone who loves great food, great hunting, great accommodation and great people. 

Thanks Again

Dan Seay

Mineral Wells, Texas ========================================================

Orlando Florida

It took almost a year of convincing by my father in law to make the trip.

I know now why he was so addmitt.

You guys provide a first class experience.

Thank you for a multiple opportunities to harvest a bear. The company and food will not be soon forgotten.

You guys are a great team.

 Ray can't wait to see you down our way in Florida. Look forward to coming back next year, wife permitting.

Thank you guys !

Natt ''the crippler'' Curtis

 Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida

 Wow !

Another great year in the book # 3 for me !

Hunted this year with my son in law ''Nate'' watched him harvest his first big game animal it was great to be there with him.

Mark joined us from Maryland he was lots of fun between Raymond & Mark we never stopped laughing.

Weather was tough first 3 days then turned beautiful.

Jeremy shot his first bear also. I've invited Mark to join us next year, he might bring his son. I never got a chance to write about last year I had my son with me and he shot a 300 lb boar what an experience for him and me !

Great food, great times Paul and Raymond make a great vacation. Raymond is a tireless tracker and I hear him ''GOT BLOOD'' in my sleep great job guys !

Gene Schreckengost

Orlando Florida


Maryland /Cecil County




I can't  believe it's already over.

What an awesome week.  I came here with no other expectations other than to see a bear in the wild.

I ended up seeing 11 bears and harvesting one. Who could ask for more ?

I will never forget the 2 a.m tracking for a wounded bear. Your tracking abilities and your commitment to finding a wounded animal was unbelievable.

Thanks again for scheduling me the same week as the Floridians, Gene, Jeremy, + Natt kept me laughing all week.

I made some friends that will last a life time.

See you next time !

Mark Hewes



Winter Haven, Florida

Paul & Ray

Thank you for an amazing adventure on my first black bear hunt.

I saw bears every day of my hunt, can not believe the number of bears up here.

Ray's tracking skills are off the chart. Watching these guy's trail bears for hours on end, it's like watching an episode of relentless pursuits...

Blood here...blood here... and the chase is on.

If you are looking for a quality hunting experience and a laid back atmosphere, you have found the right place.

I harvested my bear on the 4th day and can't wait to book a return trip.

We (Gene/Nate, and myself) had a great time with our new found friend Mark from Cecil County Maryland.

....Good times, good friends and great hunting ... who could ask for more.

Paul/Ray thank for making this  a memorable experience.


Jeremy D. Voss

Winter Haven, Florida



Pennsylvanian Huntress

  I would like to start by just saying thank you. You guys have made this hunt memorable in so many ways.

Monday sitting in the stand with Raymond in the cold rain with no umbrella.

Tuesday getting to be picky with bear I wanted to shoot.

Wednesday finally getting the bear I wanted, 2nd & 3 rd shots not needed.

Thursday getting to go baiting & hoping the other guys would get a bear (my boyfriend being one of them).

Friday my boyfriend finally getting one. There is just so much I could write. Everything was wonderful !

I'm ready for next year ! You know what bait I want ! To sum this whole experience up in one word? Priceless !

(Note to future hunter... you got to have patience & trust your guide !!)

Thank you guys so much (Note: this is my second hunt here. Got my bear each time)

April Stefan

Schuylkill Haven PA 

To sum this whole experience up in one word... Priceless !


Belgium Huntress


  Thank you for this fantastic hunt. Shot my very first bear (200 Pounds) on the very first day of my hunting trip.

The food and the people where excellent. Thanks for all your efforts and see you next year !

Greetings ANN VAN DEN BRANDON Belgium 

Fantastic Hunt
Schuylkill Haven / Pennsylvania

 This is the place to be if you want a great bear hunt.

I've been here 5 times and killed 4 bear, 2 with the rifle, 1 with a flintlock muzzle-loader and 1 with an in-line muzzle-loader.

Next time will be the bow.

The dictionary doesn't have enough good words in it to describe the 2 guys that run this operation.

Raymond and Paul are great guys.

Keep up the good work !


Jeff Heim

Schuylkill Haven PA 



  My week with Ray & Paul was both exciting and relaxing. I shot a 165 lb male bear on the 4th day of the hunt.

I enjoyed many naps (luxury not often had) and good food prepared by our hosts.

Both Joe Kook and I returned  for another week mainly due to the pleasurable experience provided by Ray & Paul.

There are a lot of places to bear hunt.

This one is a good find !

Yes ! we shot two more bears, ate well, enjoyed good company and took naps too.


Jesse Berger

President Eastern Michigan Kenworth. 

There are a lot of places to bear hunt. This one is a good find
Minerals Wells, Texas


We have had a great time.

The accommodations are top notch, this is the best trip I've been on.

 Hopefully I will be able to return next year.


Jeremy Boyd

Minerals Well, Texas




As promise last year...I cameback the 3e year in a row.

I shot me a nice bear... and will be back for a bigger one next year if all go's good with my house ?

Thanks for a great hunt (again) great food (again) and excellent companies (again)  and great jokes.

And for all hunters who don't shoot theirs on the first day.. Paul and Ray get you one.. I got mine on the last day.


Gilbert Meskens





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    Friends that money can?t buy
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    Thank you all for a great hunt

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